18 October 2017
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Wood harvesting. Companies, Demands, offers and prices for Wood harvesting

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Firewood chopped
Sell - Ukraine
Firewood - pieces of wood that are designed to be burned in ovens, fireplaces, furnaces or fire to obtain heat, heat and light. Fi...

available logs and lumber  Pine Logs, Teak Logs, Oak Logs Beech Logs, Birch Logs Ash Logs etc
Sell - Romania
We provides Logs and lumbers like; Pine Logs, Teak Logs, Oak Logs Beech Logs, Birch Logs Ash Logs etc,
We also produce lumber and pro...

Eucalyptus Wood Logs Cooperation.
Sell - Cameroon
Dear Sir/Madame, Happy New Year to all and best wishes aswell!I am Mr.Paul Achuo and an Entrepreneur and agent working on various produc...

Sale of tropical East-African hardwood
Sell - United Kingdom
We are looking forward to receive requests for quotations for East-African hardwood logs and sawnwood. Any capacities available FOB Nac...

lumber, industrial wood (spruce)
Sell - Ukraine
Exports of spruce construction timber from Ukraine - KD 16-18% wooden sleeper - spruce harvesting pine and spruce for the manufac...

Russian Spruce & Pine Siding, Cladding, Flooring, Decking, Mouldings
Sell - Russia
Will be happy to supply with Flooring, Decking, Outside Siding, Inside Wall Paneling, Mouldings manufactured of Spruce (Whitewood) and Pine ...

Pellets are 100% natural
Sell - Romania
Pellets are 100% natural Pellets are 100% biodegradable Wood is a renewable resource Unlike other fuel pellets have minimum pollution emissi...

Sell oak woodland /forest 200 ha ,price of 1400 EUR/ha
Sell - Romania
Sell 200 ha of oak woodland/forest price of 1400 EUR/ha Land book,harvesting plan. Up to 32000 m2 of wood....

Sell 230 ha of oak woodland / Hardwood Forest -1.600 EUR /ha
Sell - Romania
Sell 230 ha hardwood forest /woodland ,oak 70 % ,beech and accacia 30 % Property title ,land registry book . Average ol...

mechanized wood harvesting
Buy - Germany
Dear Sirs We are looking for companies interested in highly mechanized

wood harvesting

with suppo...

97% of MAYSKLES  JSC shares are sold
Sell - Russia
I N F O R M A T I O N MAYSKLES JSC 97% of MAYSKLES JSC shares are sold . The price is 400 million roubles. MAYSKLES J...

97% of a sawmill shares are sold
Sell - Russia
97% of a sawmill shares are sold. The price is 400 million roubles. Our sawmill is in the wood market for 70 years and ...
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