20 July 2018
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Wooden houses. Companies, Demands, offers and prices for Wooden houses

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Sell new EPAL pallets, europallets
Sell - Belgium
Sell new EPAL pallets, europallets - standard ISMP15....

spruce wood for Germany
Buy - Germany
Hello, I am a seller of different woods for a big german company. I am searching for spruce wood for my wood company. Can you...

Buy firewood for Spain
Buy - Spain
We are trade company from Spain and we are interested to buy firewood in large quantities. We are interested in offers with delivery include...

buy edged oak timber
Buy - Czech Republic
Hello. I represent a parquet and flooring company in the Czech Republic and we are interested to buy edged oak timber Specification:...

 buy whitewood pellets - 6 and 8 mm
Buy - Romania
Hello We are interested to buy whitewood pellets The dimensions we are interested in are 6 and 8mm the class quality you want ...

oak and beech firewood for Greece
Buy - Greece
I am interested in firewood on pallets dimensions 1,2X0,8X2 also in 0,75X1,15X1,80 approximatel. Oak and beech firewood. ...

Beech, Birch, Ash, Oak, Pine, Spruce Logs and Lumber available
Sell - Romania
Beech, Birch, Ash, Oak, Pine, Spruce Logs and Lumber available Contact us for more details, quantities and prices. Best regards ...

Tropical Hardwoods from S America
Sell - United States
Sleeper Rail Sleepers Mora and many species Boards, greenheart piles, Massaranduba ...

buy oak staves
Buy - France
We are a manufacturer and we are interested in buying oak staves (fresh cut or dryed conditions). size: - Lengths 95 cm - 105 cm - 110...

Buy firewood
Buy - Italy
Hello, We are an Italian company specialized in the trade and distribution of wooden products and we are interested to buy firewood of v...

We sell quality pellets from Bulgaria
Sell - Bulgaria
Hello we can offer high quality pellet 180 eur/T EXW Pazardgik Bulgaria....

We sell Turkey oak sleepers
Sell - Romania
We sell Turkey oak sleepers dimensions: 2400 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm quantity 8-10 trucks monthly ( 172 m3 - 216 m3) ...

Supply and delivery of trees
Buy - France
The contract to be performed concerns: the supply and delivery of trees. Estimated total value Value excluding VAT: 336 000.00 ...

Buy - Latvia
We buy firewood for the departments of the local public administration. Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate ...

We are looking for a supplier of wood pellets
Buy - Germany
We are interested in working with a supplier of wood pellets. Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate Date: ...

Forest mapping services
Buy - Germany
We request forest mapping services (map making, geostatistics forecasts) for an ecological site. Deadline for receipt of tenders or...

Forestry cranes
Buy - Germany
We are interested to buy forestry cranes. Excluding VAT: 150 000.00 EUR Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to p...

Sell - Romania
The sawmill is located in Hunedoara region. The total surface of it is more than 90 000 sq. m. of which: -- Building area 6500 sq. m....

We sell firewood
Sell - Romania
We sell hard firewood on pallet of 1000x1000x1800mm....

Split firewood
Sell - Italy
Split firewood for stoves and fireplaces length 25 or 33 cm, pack of 15 kg. Wood from well-managed forests certified FSC....

Acacia stakes
Buy - Poland
We are buying acacia (robinia only) square stakes pointed dimension: 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 80 cm – 150 cm, 3 cm x 3 cm x 150 cm – 170 cm....

A1 certified wood pellet
Sell - Greece
A1 certified wood pellets 6mm in 15kg bag. Spruce or Hardwood. ...

Framework agreement for trees and growing areas
Buy - Netherlands
The municipality of Amersfoort intends to conclude an agreement with three parties for the implementation of the `Framework Agreement for Tr...

Beech plywood and poplar plywood with beech faces
Sell - Romania
Industrial floors, civil floors, countertops dining sided laminated with skid provided with phenolic film for automotive, engineered for int...

Wood-based fuels
Buy - Belgium
Wood-based fuels - Supply of local, social, educational and citizen biomass heat for the communal greenhouses of the City of Nivelles. ...

Public procurement of solid fuels
Buy - Finland
Public procurement of solid fuels. Please contact us for details. Total estimated value Value excluding VAT: 320 000.00 EUR. ...

Sell - Romania
Our company is producing charcoal beech hardwood . Coals are packed according bulk application and bags 3 kg and 5 kg.Coal is obtained ...

Purchase of office furniture
Buy - Hungary
Purchase of office furniture as follows: Part 1 - Purchase and supply of office furniture Part 2 - Purchase and delivery of par...

Purchase of timber
Buy - United Kingdom
Public procurement of timber for a period of 3 years. Excluding VAT: 520 000.00 GBP Deadline for receipt of tenders or req...

Interior joinery works
Buy - Switzerland
We need interior carpentry for rehabilitation of a carousel. Estimate: 918,000 CHF Deadline for receipt of tenders or requ...

Oak, beech, lime panels with continuous lamella
Buy - Romania
We are looking for oak, beech, lime panels with continuous lamella for furniture production.
Please contact us if...

We make turkish oak sleepers, just to order
Sell - Romania
Sell turkish oak sleepers with the following dimensions: 2600mmx215mmx125mm 2300mm-2400mmx200mmx100mm 2300mm-2400mmx135mmx95mm (...

FERE Pallet turner
Sell - Netherlands
With this machine your turn the pallets before nesting...

Roller- and chain conveyors
Sell - Netherlands
Roller conveyors and chain conveyors used but in excellent condition ...

Fir lumber - offer
Sell - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dear, Our company s owner of sawmill in Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We produce rough sawn lumber from fir. Some o...
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