24 July 2021
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Boards, birch kiln-dried timber.
ID: 5570
- board, birch chamber-drying timber, dimensions and volumes according to t..

ID: 5522

| Romania
I sell timber of spruce and fir from 1m to 4m of different sizes. I can mak..

Selling fresh beech timber - CHINA
ID: 5499
Fresh beech timber, Thinkness 36mm, payed in 32mm...

Acacia Timber
ID: 5464

| Serbia
We are company from Serbia that work any kind of Acacia products. From Acac..

Vörösfenyö fürészárú
ID: 5457
Orosz származásu müszáritott vörösfenyö :32X150X6000,50X150X6000 ..

Timber quercus cerris KD
ID: 5349
Kiln dried kiln dried thickness 32 mm quantity 25 mc...

Woodem bromhandles
ID: 5348
Woodem bromhandles of beech timber from dried timber in dried kiln, humidit..

Spruce timber and beams
ID: 5342
Romanian spruce timber. Quality A, B, C Timber Dimensions: 25mm/100mm; 25..

ID: 5301
hEllou,we produce oak timber ,fresh ,FSC certification ,A,B,C Grade you c..

Paulownia Europa  High quality wood
ID: 5290
Paulownia Europa mature forest. We cut and deliver for our clients. High ..

Paulownia Europa delivery paulownia logs &amp; timber
ID: 5283
Paulownia Europa delivery paulownia logs & timber Paulownia Europa*** ..

Paulownia Europa timber for sale
ID: 5279
We sell paulownia timber quality AA Dimensions on request. Example: *** ..

reclaimed oak beams
ID: 5235
reclaimed oak oak beams from demolition oak in patina and also split to ori..

Selling sawn siberian larch
ID: 5210
Selling sawn siberian larch Larch edged, 1-4 grade 32мм*150мм*4..

ID: 5203

| Romania
We are produceres of oak timber . We produce the order...
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