20 January 2021
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Wooden houses. Companies, Demands, offers and prices for Wooden houses

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Constantly buying strips, frech cut wood
Buy - Romania
Austrian company is constantly buying strips, frech cut wood, in the following specification: 27 (30) x77 (84) x490 (510) mm, quali...

Sell wood charcoal
Sell - Romania
Our company sells unlimited quantities of wood charcoal. We are waiting for your requests. For more info about us and our products ple...

We are looking for wood packaging waste
Buy - Romania
We are looking for wood packaging waste. Please contact us if you can offer. Thank you....

Buy & sell europallets
Sell - Romania
We are an authorized company, we perform repairs of pallets, europallets or other wooden packaging. We also sell and buy pallets. Fo...

Selling single, unedged pine boards
Sell - Lithuania
selling single, unedged pine boards AB quality different sizes are available and quality fresh or KD For more information please...

Buy beech strips - fresh cut or dried
Buy - Romania
Our company buy beech strips, green(fresh cut) or dried, 100% FSC certified, cutting in thickness of 28, 38 and 55 mm, width 55 mm, differen...

Buy equipment for antiquisation of wood
Buy - Romania
We want to buy equipment for antiquisation of wood. The machine can be in new or used condition, but in good working order I am waitin...

Sell wooden boxes components - bottoms for wood boxes
Sell - Romania
We are wood working company from Romania and we are offering wood boxes components. Monthly quantity available : 1.500.000 pieces. T...

Sell softwood timber, beams and other construction products
Sell - Romania
Sell softwood timber, beams and other construction products....

beech pellets
Sell - Italy
Beech Pellets certified DIN 51731, EN plus, 6 mm in diameter and up to 25mm in length. High heat output, little ash, no additives....

Framework agreement for blockboard
Buy - Germany
Conclusion of a framework contract for the delivery of blockboard according to the service description. Deadline for receipt of tenders or r...

Sell oak elements - semiproducts
Sell - Romania
Hello, We can provide oak elements - semiproducts Dimensioon : - cut Thichness: 32 mm Width: 60 mm Length: 280...

Russian Spruce wall paneling 12,5x96x4000mm
Sell - Russia
Russian Spruce Wall Paneling 12,5x96mm, 4m long Tongue and groove 4 m long, 12,5x96mm Up to 1000 m3 per month Spruce from Northe...

Buy - Denmark

Purchase of firewood for 2021-2022
Buy - Hungary
Purchase of firewood for 2021-2022: - average length: 20-35 cm, average diameter: 10-40 cm, the contracting authority accepts a dev...

Wood logs processing line needed
Buy - Slovakia
Wood logs processing line needed. Total estimated value, without VAT: 219 079.32 EUR. Deadline for submission of tenders or requests to part...

Wood and wood constructions
Buy - France
The purpose of this public tender is to buy wood and wood constructions services. Further information on demand. Thank you!...

Biomass Fuel for UHI - wood pellet and wood chip provision
Buy - United Kingdom
The named Academic Partners of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) require a contractor(s) to provide wood fuel to their vario...

Hardwood firewood
Buy - Romania
It will be purchased wood material - hardwood firewood, which will be used for heating the homes of the population of Sant commune, heating ...

wooden fuels
Buy - Germany
We buy : Pellet A1 ore EN+A1 6mm light color in 15kg RUF with sign PiniKay cutted Nestro DAP/DDP D 94431 Pilsting...

Coniferous wood chips
Buy - Spain
We need coniferous wood chips for 2021-2022. Total budget: 863 471.08 EUR. If you can provide, please send us your price offer until Decembe...

Buy Pine Wood
Buy - India
WE are leading manufacture of Flush Door in India, We want Pine Wood at Regular Base if possible please contact us...

Sell acacia poles
Sell - Hungary
Hello We are a Hungarian company and we offer you acacia poles. Wooden poles can be sharpened or not depending on your preferences ...

We sell used and new woodworking machines
Buy - Bulgaria
We have over 250 machines in stock We are waiting for your inquiries to the specified email...

oak timber and oak beams
Sell - Romania
We are a company in wood industry production. We have a wide variety of products, such as gardening sleepers, construction beams, planks. ...

special pallets
Buy - Germany
dear ladies and Gentleman, we kindly search for special pallets. from 2 to 8m the specifications are attached. delivery...

Oak timber - dried and undedged
Sell - Romania
Hello, we are romanian sawmill and we are offering oak timber Quality: A,B&Rustic Edged: undedged timber Length: > 2 m Thi...

Buy pellet
Buy - Romania
I would like to buy 20t pellets, delivery in Romania. Please, contact me....

Buy special pallets
Buy - Germany
Hello I urgently need special pallets Dimensions: from 2m to 8m You can see the specifications of the pallets in the ...

Fuel Wood Briquettes RUF
Sell - Germany
We manufacture and sell RUF wood briquettes wholesale. We are ready to consider your proposals and arrange delivery to the Buyer`s wareh...

Boards, birch kiln-dried timber
Sell - Germany
Board, birch chamber-drying timber, dimensions and volumes according to the customer`s specifications...

Pellets (wood pellets).
Sell - Germany
We produce and wholesale wood pellets (pellets) all year round. Color - light and light gray from coniferous and deciduous wood species....

Birch board
Sell - Russia
Birch board Humidity 20 percent. Availability. 1st grade 30x75,112,130 x 420,840,2750,3220. 20 m 3 30 x 70 x 1200,1000 2nd grade...

Buy - Hungary
We are a hungarian based wood trading company. We are currently looking for spruce timber producers with transport to Hungary. 3-400 m3 ...

Supply and Delivery of Timber
Buy - United Kingdom
The Housing Executive requires supply and delivery of timber. Descriptions and estimated quantities are defined in the pricing schedules. Th...
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