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15 January 2021
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Address: MÉNTELEK, Hungary
Phone: 0036 306 176 863
Fax: ------
Contact person: GALBOVY SZABOLCS (Manager)
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You can use the following languages for the commercial correspondence:
English, Magyor
Products : Shelves & Benches, Office furniture, Kitchen furniture, Bookcases, Living rooms, Children furniture, Halls, Small furniture, Metallic furniture, Bentwood furniture, Bentwood chairs, Ergonomically chairs

Our firm has participated in furniture design, and production in the domestic market since 1996. Recently, we have been working in the whole country, and more and more European countries also. It has grown from a one-man workshop, to an enterprise, with 30 employees. Today we deal with the whole range of interior decoration, and design, and construction as well.

The basic idea of our business philosophy is to satisfy our costumers’ high level demands, by achieving a perfect aesthetics and usefulness. We handle each flat as a complex unit. We do not only produce the furniture by size, but according to our intentions the furniture functions al an organic part of the flat as well. The key of our success is in the harmonized teamwork. Our well-qualified, and creative workmates try to unite the professional aspects with the customers’ ideas and views. We consider the mixture of traditions, and novelties of the joiner industry important.

Despite the fact that our major occupation is designing, and producing, and dealing with equipments on a fair price for example: mattresses, lights, household appliances, we can handle works like painting, coating, engineering, metal-work, and blinding also.

We honestly hope that our supply will serve well for our customers’ pleasure and comfort in the future.
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