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30 March 2020
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Address: RM VALCEA, Romania
Phone: +40-0741331264
Fax: +40-0250-733503
Contact person: COVEIANU MARIAN (Consilier tehnic)
Web: -
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You can use the following languages for the commercial correspondence:
Romana, English
Products : Doors & Doors skin, Solid wood panels, Parquet, Wood stairs, Windows, Shelves & Benches, Wood toys, Office furniture, Kitchen furniture, Bedrooms, Hotel furniture, Bookcases, Living rooms, Young people rooms, Children furniture, Dining rooms, Corner benches, Halls, Garden furniture, Small furniture, Folding chairs, Shop furniture, Scluptured furniture
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Wall panels from beec..
We manufacture wall panels from beech and oak..

Wall panels from beech and oak
Wood stairs
We produce wood stairs from beech and oak and whitewood..

Wood stairs