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15 April 2021
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ЧПУП Фельхаус

Address: КЛИМОВИчИ, Belarus
Phone: +375 29 6917980
Fax: 8 029 2244 52252
Contact person: ДАВЫДОВ ДМИТРИЙ СЕРГЕЕВИч (Директор)
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You can use the following languages for the commercial correspondence:
English, Russian
Products : Timber, Wooden houses, Chemical for wood, Firewood
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Butt end reducing tim..
Good afternoon! our company offers butt-end reducing timb..

Butt end reducing timber of spruce and pine
Dry saw-timbers of sp..
good afternoon! our company offers dry saw-timbers of s..

Dry saw timbers of spruce and pine the moisture content 8 12%