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11 April 2021
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Massiv-Drev Ltd

Massiv-Drev Ltd
Address: IVATSEVICHI, Belarus
Phone: 00375 29 705-97-33
Fax: 00375 1645 9-35-35
Contact person: OLGA PUNKO (export manager)
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You can use the following languages for the commercial correspondence:
English, Deutche, Russian
Products : Wooden houses, Pallets & Europallets, Wooden poles, Garden elements, Firewood, Wooden Fences, Decking, Wood packaging, Wooden sleepers, Flooring, Shelves & Benches, Garden furniture, Small furniture
Massiv-Drev Ltd

MASSIV-DREV is a producer of machine rounded poles and ready-made products of pine for landscape design, garden decor and farmland. Such as fences, drilled posts, rollboards, gazebos, products for playgrounds, garden furniture, decorative trellis, guns, wind-mills, carts and many other products.

At the production we have drying kilns and impregnation camera. We impregnate our products with ecologically safe Tanalith E (arsenic and chromium-free).

We have been exporting our products since 2003, we have regular customers in the countries of the European Union, the CIS and Turkey. The area and capacity of the company is constantly increasing, so we are always glad to new customers. Contact us for more details.
Massiv-Drev LtdMassiv-Drev LtdMassiv-Drev LtdMassiv-Drev LtdMassiv-Drev LtdMassiv-Drev Ltd
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