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20 January 2020
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Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"

Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"
Address: [VITSEBSK] Vitebsk, Belarus
Phone: +375 333 592 635
Fax: ------
Contact person: Шекин Сергей Александро& (Менеджер по сбыту)
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Products : Timber
Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"

The company Shekinsstroy was formed in 2009 and, to date, has achieved rapid development in the field of woodworking. Thanks to a team of professionals, which works in Shekinsstroy, the company enters new markets, and successfully collaborating with new partners.
The main partner ShekinsstŠ¾y is the American Wood-Mizer, which is engaged in manufacturing sawmills for lumber industry. Thanks to the equipment Wood-Mizer our company is able to produce products that meet all European requirements.
Have four-sided Italian machine. Round-shaping machine.
The cost of our lumber is a competitive market and sawmill products. The geometry of the boards produced by Wood-Mizer mills, meet export Standards. The representative office is located in Moscow, and the main production in an ecologically clean district of the Vitebsk region of Belarus. We care about the environment, so every cut tree is planted new.
Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"Shekinsstroy "ISKpoisk"
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