25 July 2021
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Other wood logs species

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Id: 460256

Buy |
I am interested in firewood on pallets dimensions 1,2X0,8X2 also in 0,75X1,15X1,80 approximatel.

Oak and beech firewood.

Delivery in tow destinations: Thessaloniki and Athens Greece.

Also i need to send me some photo and specs of your charcoal for restaurants and wood pellets for heating.

Firewood also i need in logs of one meter and in 30-33 cm cuts - torn.

Best regards

Id: 459946

Sell |
Woodworking company from Alba county, Romania and we offer you spruce logs.
For more information about quality, dimensions, prices, etc please contact us to make a customized offer.

Id: 459867

Sell |
We are specialized in logging and wood processing and we offer logs for pulp - (cellulose) in advantageous conditions.
For more information, please contact us.

Id: 459711

Sell |
Premium kiln dried logs supplied on pallets or in bags.
2 euro per 9 kilo bag delivered (the minimum order is one container).

Our kiln dried firewood cut to about 20 - 25cm in lenght and has a guaranteed moisted content of below 20%.

Burning kiln dried logs will ensure your stove glass is kept clean and will prevent a build-up of soot or tar in your chimney or flue and because you get so much heat output, you will actually need less kiln dried logs, than if you were to bu.....

Id: 459375

Sell |
Our company is a timber exportation company which deals in top quality exotic tropical hardwood logs from Africa
precisely Cameroon ready for supply. We are a company based in
Cameroon and we have top quality tropical hardwood logs ready for
supply we have all commercial wood log species for sale such as Ebony
Bubinga Zingana Moabi Wenge Billinga Sapele Bosse Doussie Tali Iroko
Azobe Ekobelli Niove Frake Limbali Acajou and many others. We have
sawn all our wood to

Id: 459220

Sell |
We sell firewood various mixed beech (hornbeam, hornbeam, oak, ash)
Firewood logs cut to 2 m long, with multiple diameters between 8 cm and 60 cm at the end.
Minimum order 65 mst.

Id: 459129

Sell |
I am a Romanian wood producer located in Alba county and I offer you spruce logs. For more information - diameters, prices, delivery terms, please contact me.

Id: 458979

Buy |
Dear Sir,

I am a wood agent, from Germany.
For a longer time I am in contact with a wood company in China,
which wants to buy oak logs, now. Later also other species.

Please, take contact with me!
Thank you!

Johann Sagstetter

Id: 458729

Sell |

We are a timber manufacturer and we offer firewood resulting from wood waste as follows:
- beech waste from logs; cylinder dimensions: approx. 1.65 m (h) x 1.10 m (diameter); price 100 EUR/ piece (cylinder); Load: 22 cyl/ truck

Payment is made in advance or at a charge.
The shipment is provided by the Buyer
Deliveries are made only on a pre-program basis.

Id: 458700

Sell |
REDHOT Pellets ENplus A1 certificated wood pellets are produced from European silver fir completely stripped of bark, therefore with 25% hardwood and 75% softwood.

The manufacturing process of the logs takes place in a few days and this allows to maintain in the pellets the characteristic smell of freshly cut fir tree. In the quality plays a fundamental role the drying process also which as well as lowering the water content leads to a drastic reduction of the natural resins u.....

Id: 458605

Sell |
We are manufacturer and we specialize in wood packaging items.
We sell rulers for wood packaging.
The rulers are made from fir logs and they have lengths of 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.2 m

Id: 458280

Buy |
Hello We want to buy logs of whitewood and oak logs. Diameters and lengths: Oak lengths 2m +,
Raspberry diam more than 40 cm
We are waiting for your offers

Id: 458106

Buy |
We have a wood processing company in China and we are interested to buy for this oak logs with diameters of 35 and larger.
We are waiting for your price proposals, quantities and terms of delivery.
Best regards,

Id: 457854

Buy |
we want to buy whitewood logs (spruce or fir) with diameters larger than 48 cm The delivery is made on the container under CIF Karachi The quantity we need is 20,000m3 The sample lot is 5-10 containers Dimensions: † - Length 3m † - diameter + 48cm we are waiting for your offers.

Id: 457751

Sell |
We are romanian forestry company and we offer to you whitewood logs with length 2m.
Stock available 300 m3 on exw delivery terms - our romanian warehouse.
Info price is 370 ron ( 1 usd = 3.93 ron).
Best regards

Id: 457611

Buy |
Dear Sirs,

We would like to import RADIATA PINE LOGS or BLACK PINE WOOD LOGS (HARD WOOD). Our company is based in (India) ALLAHBAD.

We require nearly 10 containers of 20 feet each months.

Length of logs:- 10 to 20 feet and Diameter minimum 25 cm to 35 cm.

Please note all PAYMENTS as well Documents is through BANK&against confirmed LETTER OF CREDIT.

All prices should be FOB and all measurement in METRIC CUBE(European measurement system) as well th.....

Id: 457513

Buy |
Good morning
We are romanian wooden products company and we are looking to buy beech logs whith tehnical specification:
- type of wood: beech
- diameter: +35 cm
- length: +6m
- quality class of wood: A
We are waiting for your price offers with delivery included in our warehouse

Id: 457016

Buy |
Public procurement of em>log/em> cutting services, removal of wood waste, and collection and transportation of em>logs/em> in warehouses.

Excluding VAT: 128 615.00 EUR

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 21/05/2018

Language (s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up: Lithuanian

Id: 456858

Sell |
For sale complete line for the production of firewood made of:
- Tajfun RCA400 Joy splitting machine
- EP12 11KW / 400V electric unit
- Lift supply of logs
- Excavator for sawdust

The line ensures logs cutting (diameter max 40cm) to the length of the final piece 25-50cm.
- Splitting the hub into 2-8 pieces
- conveyance
The line is in Jud, Cluj.

AF 2013.

Excellent condition......
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