17 February 2020
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Other wood logs species

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Id: 469037

Sell |
Our company is specialized in building homes of roundwood spruce (logs). We use in the construction of wooden houses of the highest quality spruce treated with organic substances.

We can work on application and customer requirements models.

Id: 469012

Buy |
Hello, we are romanian factory and we are looking to buy oak logs with minimum diameter of 35 cm. Quality of wood logs is required at AB grade.
Wainting for you price oofers with delivery included to our warehouse
Best regards.

Id: 468693

Sell |
We are a specialized company from Hungary and we offer beech, hornbeam firewood
- bulk (logs)
- Lengths: 2-3 m
- diameters: under 45cm
We only sell en-gos, the minimum order quantity is a complete truck

Id: 468608

Sell |
Our company is specialized in processing and marketing of precious wood of Paulownia (Phoenix one and other clones) coming from Italian plantations.
We have the possibility to sell the semi-finished raw material or logs, with the possibility of viewing the product and storing it.
The diameter of the logs varies from 30 to 50 cm
Use of timber: furniture, surfboards, exposed roof beams, plywood, musical instruments, etc ...
We remain available for quotes and technical information. .....

Id: 468463

Sell |
Commercial Offer
LLC Sumy Trans Logistic is a producer of kiln-dried firewood of hardwood in the form of logs. (Oak, birch, ash, maple)
- humidity 18% (+/- 10%);
- size of logs (length - 300-330 mm, fraction (diameter) - 60-150 mm);
- packing type: nets and/or wooden crates
- the size of a wooden crate is 1045x1110x2350mm;
- gross weight of wooden crate - 1000 kg (+/- 5%);
- terms of delivery - FCA SUMY;
- payment terms: 50% - prepayment, 50% - after a copy of the.....

Id: 468385

Sell |
Complete woodworking machinery
- Debarking, sorting, cubing logs)
- Complete crane and vertical borers
- Sandwich sorting machines (packer, optimizer, sorting box with packing system)
- Cutting line with automatic scraper separator,
1. Multi-arm line with automatic loading,
2.-Laminated wood line,
- Pallet Lines and Fruit Boxes
- Complete line processing of pellets or briquettes
- Chopping lines
- Lines for firewood,
PLC management systems
Laser sy.....

Id: 467878

Buy |
Our company is purchasing hardwood (oak, ash, beech, hornbeem etc.) Diameter: 20-50cm, length: 2 m. Yearly volume : 4000 m3 (evenly distributed throughout the year). Location: Bicske, Hungary
Purchasing hardwood logs

Id: 467627

Buy |
We buy oak and acacia logs of various lengths and diameters.For more information please contact us.
We need arround 500m3 of wood logs

Id: 467624

Sell |
Good morning
We are company from Romania and we are involved in forest services.
We are offering oak wood logs with good quality.
Every day we are processing 100 m3 oof wood.
Total quantity available for oak logs is arround 4000 m3.
fore more info please contact us.
Best regards

Id: 467436

Sell |
Hello, we have a wide variety of wood species from West Africa
and we aim to attract wood or forest dealers who would like
to buy timber logs or any kind of wood from Africa.
our stock is wide and we are certified with the ministry of forest exploration.
we aim for a continuous supply.
Please get in contact with us at any time of the day via email and phone number to get a quick reply.
We Export raw materials from West Africa(Cameroon)Central Douala-Littoral, Globally wit.....

Id: 467369

Sell |
Wea re forest services company form Romania, located in Bihor county
We are offering for sale a quantity of 300m3 up to 500m3 of beech logs and whitewood logs.
For more info aboout us and our products please contact us.
Best regards

Id: 467368

Sell |
We are romanian sawmil and we are offering firewood from wood waste.
Type of wood waste: lateral part of logs - from timber industrial process
Type of wood : beech
Delivery : EXW terms
Packed : on pallets
Info price 280 ron/to -> 60 euro / to

Id: 467225

Sell |
Paulownia Europe is the leader in processing Paulownia wood.
We have raw materials like logs or lumber.
We invite you to visit us to see the facilities we have and the raw material we use.
These paulownia logs for sale have an average diameter of 30-40 cm and a minimum length of 2,5 meters.
Paulownia logs suitable for making surfboards, furniture, veneer, plywood and a wide range of other products.
Minimun order: 1 full truck (35m3)
One week we can deliver.
For more i.....

Id: 467215

Sell |
AMQUAT SS 211 is new generation wood preservative which is non arsenic and non chromium.
AMQUAT SS 211 is based on ammonical copper quaternary.
Ammoniacal copper quaternary wood preservatives are made up of copper which is a fungicide and quaternary ammonium compound which also augments the fungicidal treatment is a wood preservative.
Quaternary ammonium cations, also known as quaternary ammonium salts, quaternary ammonium compounds or Quats, are salts of quaternary ammonium cations .....

Id: 467058

Sell |
We are a company located in Kano state, Nigeria, with a total staff strength of 55.

This wood is sourced from Nigeria.
The final product is used to produce high quality exterior and interior joinery, flooring, doors and boat building. It is used for production in what can be described as a thriving furniture industry.

Our team of experienced forestry staff carefully sources logs for screening. This scrutiny is necessary to ensure only the finest most durable logs are select.....

Id: 466909

Buy |
We are one of the biggest plywood producers in Egypt and we are interested in buying raw materials for our products.
We looking to buy poplar logs for veneer and not only.
Please send us your offers and the quality grades you can offer.

Id: 466798

Sell |
We are company from romania, Bihor county and we are offering for sale beech firewood and logs. We provide delivery on EXW terms based on our warehouse from Hunedoara county, Romania
Best regards

Id: 466651

Buy |
We are sawmill from Romania, Prahova county and we are looking to buy beech wood logs.
We need delivery on our warehouse.
Pls send your price offers ASAP
Best regards

Id: 466548

Sell |
Our company is specializes in the processing and marketing of fine wood of Paulownia (Tomentosa and other type) from Italian plantations.
We have the possibility to sell the semi-finished raw material or logs, with the possibility of viewing the product and storing it.

The diameter of the logs varies from 30 to 50 cm while the table can be supplied with variable length at the request of the customer.

Use of timber: furniture, surfboards, exposed roof beams, plywood, boating, .....
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