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23 June 2017
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Companies that abused the ENplus seal on their product

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe

Three day national grief in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice

LIGNA Conference 2016: online registration has now started

Timber industry expects a deterioration

EXPOBOIS now part of the WOODWORLD program of events staged by Deutsche Messe

Kazakhstan International Exhibition - Timber & Woodworking - 2016

LIGNA Conference 2016: featuring everything from furniture-making giants to software titans

Medwood Exhibition, April 7 - 10, 2016

LIGNA 2017 to feature new layout (22 to 26 May)

France: EXPOBOIS spans all areas of the wood industry

UAE home to 36 per cent of furniture factories in GCC, and controls significant imports in timber sector

The Global Forest Industry in the 3Q of 2015

Holzhaus Exhibition 2015

Intermob 2015: Record-Breaking Participation, Leading Companies, Wide Scope, Latest Technologies

Softwood lumber prices continued to fall in many markets around the world in the 2Q of 15 because of weaker demand and high inventories of lumber throughout the distribution chain, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

SYMOP and Deutsche Messe AG join forces - Makeover for EXPOBOIS

USA: Hardwood plywood imports stable

Future of Forest Industry Forum 2015

EU wood-flooring exports increase again

European timber pallet industry to converge on Ireland

Scandinavian style in wooden bathrooms

The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q of 2015

Elmia Wood Vaggeryd, 07 - 10.06.2017

The German Timber Trade Federation calls for uniform duties on plywood imports

Surge in Latvia`s forestry exports in 2014

Growing investments at North American furniture industry

The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q of 2015

Prices for overseas traded softwood wood chips have fallen 11 per cent in eight months, while hardwood chip prices have increased slightly, according to the latest FOEX Chip Price Indexes

Lack of domestic forest resources has forced the pulp industry in India to increasingly rely on hardwood chips from overseas for its wood fiber needs, report the Wood Resource Quarterly

The wood gains life in an Italian sculptor hand

500.000 wood pellet stoves in France

Furniture produced from wood waste

Demand for laminated beech panels continues to decline

Importation of logs to China jumped 76 per cent in March with New Zealand and Australia increasing their shipments the most, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

The 4th Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition 2015 & China Imported Wood Supply & Marketing Forum

Wood fiber costs for pulp mills in the Western US have increased substantially over the past year while other regions in the US have experienced only modest increases, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review

Prices for hardwood chips traded overseas increased 1.3 per cent in January, 2015, but were still 5.8 per cent lower than in early 2014, according to the FOEX PIX-HCG Index

Wood pellet exports from the US increased for the 12th consecutive quarter in the 4Q of 14, as compared to Canadian exports which trended downward in 2014, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review

SkogsElmia Vaggeryd | June 4 - 6 2015

Kazakhstan International Exhibition - Timber & Woodworking - 2016

Kazakhstan International Exhibition - Timber & Woodworking - 2016
June 8 - 11, 2016
EC "Atakent", Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan

The main sections of the exhibition:

Technology and equipment for furniture production;
Technology and equipment for woodworking industry;
Technology and equipment for production of wood-based panels, plywood and rule;
Equipment components;
Wood-processing instruments, testing equipment;
Lumbers, wood-based panels, rule and plywood;
Wooden houses, joinery products, moldings;
Stairs, windows, doors;
Software and computer design;
New developments of industry, engineering;
Technique and equipment for transportation, storage and packing of materials and goods;
Technical or other means for utilization and regeneration of wood wastes;
Paintwork materials, glues, paste fillers, chemical wood preservatives;
Sawmill, logging and woodworking equipment, drying equipment;
Automation facilities of technological processes;
Paper and paperboard industry.

ORGANIZER: International Exhibitions Company "Atakent-Expo".
COORGANIZER: Association of Enterprises of Furniture and Woodworking Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
January 22, 2016