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21 November 2017
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Measures to stop deforestation in Nova Scotia

Measures to stop deforestation in Nova Scotia
Shown here is the coffin which led the mock forest funeral procession in downtown Halifax, Thursday, Oct. 19, an event calling attention to deforestation in Nova Scotia.The event was little critized, the comments being painted with a wide brush a considerable number of Nova Scotians who have extremely valid concerns over the state and treatment the Scottish forests.

Most of this can be dismissed out of hand, of course, like accusations of unemployment and marijuana enthusiasm among participants, but one comment really matters. Because the coffin at the head of this procession was made of wood, it`s been suggested, these marching masses were hypocrites and their efforts at sustainable forestry somehow invalid.

There are very few Nova Scotians, even among the marchers of Oct. 19, who believe forestry as a whole should come to a halt or that we should abstain from its products. Much like those driving gasoline cars or riding diesel buses, to abstain from these omnipresent products would mean no longer participating in Canadian society. That, obviously, is no solution.

The efforts of Oct. 19 acknowledged that the forestry industry grew to its present size on forests which no longer exist, that harvesting in its modern form will leave the population with a province of early successional, unproductive forests in short order.

Even if the 600 plus people of that procession abandoned Nova Scotian society as this bizarre criticism suggests, their absence would be so negligible to deforestation that absolutely nothing would be accomplished. Movements like these should be embraced as harbingers of society change, not belittled with references to the 1970s.

"I hope opinions like those debunked in this column are in the minority, and that our provincial conversation on forestry can be as constructive as possible. We are faced with a problem here in Nova Scotia, one which is converting too much of our valued wilderness into biomass and pulp, on a scale which is not sustainable and with a persistence at odds with our scientific understanding. Yes, this issue will be difficult to solve and the voices involved are numerous, but no one is hell-bent on ending forestry altogether or killing jobs." - Zack Metcalfe (journalist)

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November 14, 2017