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17 December 2017
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China formulate the nation`s timber structure construction development plan

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The best way to build in wood

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The storms have destroyed entire forests in Romania and in northeast Europe

The 19th International Specialized Exhibition of Furniture Furniture Technologies and Equipment will coming soon

8,2 million cubic meters of wood from the 45,000 hectares were torn apart by storms in Poland

FIMMA-MADERALIA`s 38th edition will take place on 6th to 9th February 2018

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Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels

Ecological: Spectacular new church made of wood - architect Eberhard Wimmer in an interview

More than 24.000 hectares of forests from Eastern Europe have entered into UNESCO patrimony

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Wooden houses in the first floating village in Romania

Companies that abused the ENplus seal on their product

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe

The best way to build in wood

The best way to build in wood
Since CLT was invented in Austria 25 years ago and first received serious exposure with Waugh Thistleton`s first timber tower a decade ago, interest in and use of the material has exploded. CLT manufacturing plants are being built wherever there are trees. Timber towers are getting taller. It is marvellous stuff that is displacing a lot of concrete. I like it and I write about it a lot.

Meanwhile, robotic tools like those from Sweden`s RANDEK are revolutionizing wood frame construction so that panels are as precise and accurate as a CLT wall. There is a reason that America was stick-built; it is fast and cheap and material-efficient. But being site-built, it was sloppy and leaky. The new machines change all that. They bring wood framing into the 21st century, and they use about a fifth as much wood as CLT does.

It is fallacy to consider wood only as an agricultural product: While wood may be planted, grown and harvested as any other agricultural crop, this activity should not be mistaken for a forest, because it is monoculture. Just as a field of corn is not a prairie, a valley planted in a single species of tree is not a forest.

Wood dominates everywhere. You notice it as soon as you enter the stairwell. Floors and steps have a real feel that no concrete surface can imitate. Even the acoustics are different a softer, solid, muted effect that only wood with innumerable, tightly packed annual rings can produce.

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December 07, 2017