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25 February 2018
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WOODTECH EGYPT: the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry from Egypt

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WOODTECH EGYPT: the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry from Egypt

WOODTECH EGYPT: the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry from Egypt
According to some press releases sent by WOODTECH Egypt Fair to WoodBusinessPortal, the biggest International exhibition for timber, design and technology in Cairo, will be held in the Egyptian capital from 16th to 18th of February 2018. This is the ONLY fair organized from professionals in organizing exhibitions.... that`s why WOODTECH Egypt has the total support of big companies of the sector.

WOODTECH Egypt will stand out from the quality exhibitors and the exhibits, that will stimulate the interest of the visitors, such as the new product categories: floors, wooden windows, wooden doors, veneer, kitchen & furniture parts, machineries, tools, hardwood and softwood, panels, furniture accesories, decorative surfaces.

The event will be supported by EPF (European Panel Federation), and by the Association of Egyptian Architects. EPF shows its confidence once again in WOODTECH Egypt, that will host the "EPF for Africa" forum during the Fair in Cairo. The Association of Egyptian Architects will develop new ideas for design, innovative materials and cultivates a dialogue between wood technology, materials, suppliers, design and industrial communities. Last, but not least, once again IMC will organize B2B meeting for the participating companies, in orderto further enhance their partnerships with the companies of the sector in Middle East.

WOODTECH Egypt is the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry with access to the Egyptian market and North-african markets. The first edition of the forum registered more than 3.000 trade visitors during the two days of the event; attracted professionals from the sectors of wood, furniture industry, materials, wood marketing and design from the city of Damietta, as well as from Cairo and Alexandria. 270 scheduled B2B meetings were held, revealing the interest in business deals, which were materialized in the form of commercial transactions in all sectors of interest.

Why in Egypt? Because this is the biggest market in Middle East, a country which attracts interest from the biggest African-Arabian countries and is appropriate place for European and international companies to approach all these markets.

The first seminar (in September) which was presented by WOODTECH Egypt, was a great success and had the total support from the sector of timber and furniture of Egypt, as well as the support of the association of the Egyptian architect.

The well-known speakers (Cherif Morsi, Yahia Elgizawy, Andreas Bachmeier, Maurizio Favveta) referred to the importance of design and innovations in construction, as well as the importance of exports and technology, which enhances the communication between designers and furniture producers. The 250 participants, showed great enthusiasm for all the new developments of the sector.

Very important was also the presence of foreign trade followers from the embassies: Russia, Romania, Angola, Indonesia, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, D’ivoire, Rwanda, Iraq, Czech, Slovenia and from the German – Arab Chamber!

The next meeting will be held in Damietta at 11th of November 2017, with great presentations and important B2B meetings. But the big appointment is in Cairo at 16th of February, at the WOODTECH Egypt!
WOODTECH EGYPT: the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry from Egypt
WOODTECH EGYPT: the leading fair in the wood and furniture industry from Egypt
November 10, 2017