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16 December 2017
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Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe
Wooden houses are an alternative to classic houses, mainly because of the obvious advantages they have. A wooden construction is comfortable, environmentally friendly and accessible. It is no wonder that more and more people make this choice.

One of these persons is the famous Romanian PROtv journalist, George Buhnici. He recently decided to build a wooden house and even made his choice known by posting a serial on this topic ( In the video called "#casabuhnici - Ep. 9 VLOG That's how the walls are made" (, he details the wooden factory that took over the construction project, and obvious facilities which represents the wooden houses. This is a wooden factory from Austria, Tyrol. This Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) produces sandwich panels, perfectly contoured and cut to the required size. Unfortunately, until now in Romania there is no such wood factory. The factory is called Hasslacher Norica Timber and has a special design, being built entirely of wood. In addition, the panel processing machines are all made of wood. Relating to the manufacturing process: the main layers of the panels are combined at 20 m long. The longest panel has 24 m to 3.60 m - the widest and 30 cm - the thickest. There are 5 edge gluing boards between them. After the boards are glued, the wood panel is inserted into a special ultrasonic press with the role to strengthen the glue in the shortest time possible.The strength of the panels is compared to that of the concrete, but the first ones are much lighter. The fabrication process is made mainly automatically, requiring manual involvement only in rare cases, such as when the panels must be wrapped in the end.

George Buhnici argues that even if the cost of such houses is not exactly small, however the wooden houses deserves all the money. He trusts much more in wood than any other building material, especially because the CLT will prove to be the most efficient from the point of view of energy.

Wooden houses have unquestionable advantages. Firstly, the execution time is considerably reduced. For the house of Buhnici there were 6 months of measurements, but the walls will only need 6 hours to be assembled and debited. This is a record time.

Secondly, we are talking about the energy and the particular appearance that identifies wooden houses. Unlike other materials used in a classical wood building, wood holds a significant power, creating a connection with the inhabitants of the dwelling by the peace offered by nature and the unique smell of the forests. Any wooden factory should use this advantage to attract attention by emotional attributes. The look of a wooden house combines tastefully with traditional and modern style. The comfort offered by the wooden houses is given by the space available. Wood offers a useful space of 5-7% larger than in the case of houses built with other materials.

Another important aspect is that a wooden construction can have a structure with high flexibility. Wood helps reduce energy consumption, so that any timber factory that ensures efficiency from the point of view of energy. It is a very good thermal insulator, keeping the temperature constant. Because it doesn't release radioactivity or static electricity, wood is a good thermal and hydrometric regulator. So, during the summer will be cold, while in the winter, warm. In addition, a wooden construction is resistant to earthquakes.

Those who are reluctant building a wooden house because of the problems of wood treatment against fire should know that this fear also has solutions. To protect a wood construction from the harmful action of fire, flame retardants are used in order to increase the resistance of the material to the combustion. Firewood has a resistance to the open flame between 90-100 minutes.

An online market for wood industry is Wood Business Portal (, one of the largest business to business markets in Europe, with thousands of offers and demands. Here you can find a lot of requests and offers for wooden houses, timber ( and so on.

Concluding, the advantages of a wooden construction are obvious, as evidenced by the number of those who adopt such an idea, such as George Buhnici. If you think that the subject is interesting, we will present the news relating to the series on the "# casabuhnici", so we will keep you up to date with this information.

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe
Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe
Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe
May 31, 2017