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17 October 2017
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It seems that technologies of tomorrow become a reality - summary of DREMA 2017 fair

The storms have destroyed entire forests in Romania and in northeast Europe

The 19th International Specialized Exhibition of Furniture Furniture Technologies and Equipment will coming soon

8,2 million cubic meters of wood from the 45,000 hectares were torn apart by storms in Poland

FIMMA-MADERALIA`s 38th edition will take place on 6th to 9th February 2018

North Africa`s Leading Platform for Wood and Woodworking Machinery

Brunell - Big fires increasing prices for lumber

Despite Ban Millions in Timber Continue to Cross Border

The Brazilian timber market and wooden products tend to increase

Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update

The 4th edition ChinaWoodExpo 2017

Forest exploitation is at its lowest in Switzerland

Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels

Ecological: Spectacular new church made of wood - architect Eberhard Wimmer in an interview

More than 24.000 hectares of forests from Eastern Europe have entered into UNESCO patrimony

Forestry Wood 2017 Brussels Agro & Food

Wooden houses in the first floating village in Romania

Companies that abused the ENplus seal on their product

Wood houses have become more than just an actual trend in Eastern Europe

You can make a 100% Eco House with wood, straw and tree muscles

Three day national grief in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice

LIGNA Conference 2016: online registration has now started

Timber industry expects a deterioration

EXPOBOIS now part of the WOODWORLD program of events staged by Deutsche Messe

Kazakhstan International Exhibition - Timber & Woodworking - 2016

LIGNA Conference 2016: featuring everything from furniture-making giants to software titans

Medwood Exhibition, April 7 - 10, 2016

LIGNA 2017 to feature new layout (22 to 26 May)

France: EXPOBOIS spans all areas of the wood industry

UAE home to 36 per cent of furniture factories in GCC, and controls significant imports in timber sector

The Global Forest Industry in the 3Q of 2015

Holzhaus Exhibition 2015

Intermob 2015: Record-Breaking Participation, Leading Companies, Wide Scope, Latest Technologies

Softwood lumber prices continued to fall in many markets around the world in the 2Q of 15 because of weaker demand and high inventories of lumber throughout the distribution chain, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

SYMOP and Deutsche Messe AG join forces - Makeover for EXPOBOIS

USA: Hardwood plywood imports stable

Future of Forest Industry Forum 2015

EU wood-flooring exports increase again

European timber pallet industry to converge on Ireland

Scandinavian style in wooden bathrooms

Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels

Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels
An amazing wooden construction was built in North America, more precisely in Canada, in 2016 by the British Columbia University. This building was made of wood in the form of CLT panels with only 9 workers and it is planned to build skyscrapers from the same material.

The CLT is a very durable material, 100% natural, made of wooden boards glued one over the other. Experts says that this material has a resistance comparable to that of steel, but it is four times easier. This makes the resistance of a building in an earthquake greatly increasing. Other features of the wood are elasticity, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Besides this, being a natural material, it does not pollute the environment. The cost of a wooden construction is lower because the material is cheaper than other traditional materials such as bricks or BCA and requires fewer workers and the execution time is also reduced.

Although it is not yet well tested, investors believe that the construction timber market and CLT are on the rise, because americans prefer the wooden construction on small towns that are surrounded by forests, where timber is easy to obtain and should not be brought from a very large distance. You can find construction wood here. (URL:

The Oregon State of the United States, along with Oregon State University, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars with the intention of promoting Cross Laminated Timber within the university, investing in courses whereby students learn to design and build with this material. Also in the US, a wooden construction called Framework, which will have 12 floors, has recently been endorsed. This will be the tallest building made in this way for the moment on the country.

The present study examines how the CLT could be used to rehabilitate older buildings made of concrete. With this material, historic buildings could be restored at advantageous prices. Andrew Barbosa of OSU, College of Engineering, is working together with Seismic Strategies Cascade on a $ 150,000 project to learn more about this. We should all take examples and use wood for construction because it is a renewable resource that does not pollute the environment, it is cheaper, durable, good thermal and sound insulation and the list can continue. You can find timber here. (URL:

Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels
Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels
Wooden construction somewhere in North America with 18 levels
July 17, 2017