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23 October 2018
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Vietnam and Cambodia should intensify cooperation in monitoring their export and import of timber and wood products

Africa: companies working in the wood industry need more support and access to resources

Wood-Pellets Market Growth Report

European parquet consumption - stable or slightly higher in the first six months of 2018

China`s huge demand for timber is stripping one of the world`s largest remaining areas of pristine tropical forests

Malaysia`s furniture exports in 2018 is expected to decline slightly

British development agency DFID has suspended funding for a timber industry reform project because of the Rakhine crisis

Since 1988, the driving forces of the furniture industry continue to meet under a single roof!

The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q of 2018

PRAGOLIGNA, 11th - 13th October 2018

Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update

DREMA 2018 towards Industry 4.0

Building as tall as trees at Timber Expo - Press Release

China has increased its sales of softwood from Europe

DANA Conference for forestry industry and wood products will be held on 01-02 October 2018

LIGNUMEXPO-LES - the most important international exhibition of its kind in Slovakia

The price for softwood timber - in continuous growth - Press Release

The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/2018 - Press Release


Get the fastest, boldest vision of the future at UK Construction Week - Press Release


Where East meets West: Silk Road theme announced for second INDEX design event of 2018


Abrasive Grit Blasting, the Optimal Solution for Cleaning Wood Surfaces

The biggest business meeting for the forestry sector in September in Mostki!

Woodex Asia 2018, an International Exhibition & Seminar on Wood Industry

Expo Forestal 2018 - Biodiversity, Technology, Productivity

How wonderdful the petrified wood can be

This is the time for timber

Nanowood - a new type of insulator

Good prediction on Biomass

The charm of painted wood floors

How should a fabulous rustic home look like?

Balsa wood - the balance between softness and sturdiness

Lignetics bought New England Wood Pellet LLC

Glass Beads for Shot Peening and Cleaning of Surfaces

Press Release: The most significat innovations in forest technology over the past 10 years

Press Release: Which will be the Future Technologies for Food and Biomass Production?

US softwood lumber demand will reach record-hights by 2030

Future Suppliers of Softwood Lumber to the US Market

FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you in February at its 38th edition

FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you in February at its 38th edition
There isn`t much time until FIMMA-MADERALIA, the two fairs in the wood industry organized by Feria Valencia. So, the 38th edition will take place between February 6-9. The two fairs: FIMMA and MADERALIA are the most important events regarding industries that provide materials, technologies and solutions for furniture, wood, carpentry, interior design, architecture and decoration.

FIMMA focuses on woodworking machinery, furniture, carpentry and decoration, with the following sections:
- primary and secondary woodworking machines
- wood transformation
- portable machines
- tools
- protecting the environment
- installations
- engineering
- software
- pvc, aluminum and new materials

On the other hand, MADERALIA exposes materials and components for furniture, carpentry and carpentry, Sections:
- iron locks
- wood, veneer, sheet metal
- paper
- carpentry and laminated wood
- flooring and plating
- Doors and windows
- semi-finished products
- new materials (resin, pvc, aluminum, steel, glass etc.)

This year, the event will have a display space of 65,000 square meters where 600 companies and brands in the wood industry will exhibit their products. Among the exhibitors are the world`s most important players and industry technology. This creates the optimal conditions for presenting a much larger number of products (compared to previous editions) and for involving more sectors.

The fair wants to reach its maximum potential during the 4 days it`s open - 4 business days, events, presentations, workshops, seminars, as well as networks for suppliers and buyers of wood, wood products or equipment from the industry wood.

FIMMA-MADERALIA provides its exhibitors with a wide range of turnkey solutions designed to reduce costs, along with exclusive communications services that are part of the exhibitor`s tariffs. The fair also offers both exhibitors and visitors a selection of inexpensive travel and hotel packages.

Although originally for the furniture, wood and carpentry event, this year, FIMMA-MADERALIA will expand its coverage, including new materials (composites, aluminum, solid surfaces, pvc), but also new sectors (construction and renovation, , decorators, interior designers).

The event strengthens its international positioning on the world trade circuit, remarking on markets like southern Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East.

FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you with open arms in April! Until then, you can visit the official website - FIMMA-MADERALIA, for an overview.
FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you in February at its 38th edition
FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you in February at its 38th edition
FIMMA-MADERALIA awaits you in February at its 38th edition
January 9, 2018