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20 March 2019
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The furniture industry gets together in Bulgaria from 26 to 30 March, 2019

$2.4tn worth Expo 2020 Dubai construction projects to drive demand for wood industry

Cairo WoodShow: 110 exhibitors from 24 participating countries

Global Birch Wood Products Market

EGGER has broken ground at its $700 million Davidson County facility

Sawlog prices fell on all continents except North America in the 2Q of 2018

Canada will continue to be a major supplier of softwood lumber to the US in the next decade

Vancouver Invitation on Forest Products for a Better Future

The British government wants to minimise the costs to the timber industry of Brexit

The Wood Stove Design Challenge

Italian prime minister have met Italian manufacturers of wood machinery at Lesdrevmash trade fair in Russia

3D printable wood filament from furniture wood-waste

USA: Hurricane Michael damage will drive lumber prices higher

Wood fiber costs for the world`s pulp industry fell for the first time in over a year

Oregon`s tall wood building industry moves forward despite setbacks

New York state announces actions to advance industry`s growth

Biomass industry celebrates sixth annual Bioenergy Day

USA: The volume of timber cut from Northwest national forests is increasing

Wood as a replacement for concrete and steel

Global Wood Floring Market 2018

Vietnam and Cambodia should intensify cooperation in monitoring their export and import of timber and wood products

Africa: companies working in the wood industry need more support and access to resources

Wood-Pellets Market Growth Report

European parquet consumption - stable or slightly higher in the first six months of 2018

China`s huge demand for timber is stripping one of the world`s largest remaining areas of pristine tropical forests

Malaysia`s furniture exports in 2018 is expected to decline slightly

British development agency DFID has suspended funding for a timber industry reform project because of the Rakhine crisis

Since 1988, the driving forces of the furniture industry continue to meet under a single roof!

The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q of 2018

PRAGOLIGNA, 11th - 13th October 2018

Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update

DREMA 2018 towards Industry 4.0

Building as tall as trees at Timber Expo - Press Release

China has increased its sales of softwood from Europe

DANA Conference for forestry industry and wood products will be held on 01-02 October 2018

LIGNUMEXPO-LES - the most important international exhibition of its kind in Slovakia

The price for softwood timber - in continuous growth - Press Release

The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/2018 - Press Release


Get the fastest, boldest vision of the future at UK Construction Week - Press Release

Abrasive Grit Blasting, the Optimal Solution for Cleaning Wood Surfaces

Abrasive Grit Blasting, the Optimal Solution for Cleaning Wood Surfaces
Although blasting is often associated with finishing or cleaning metallic surfaces, it is not entirely reserved to this type of material. This method can also provide very good results on wood, rock, concrete, brick or glass surfaces, as well as on many other solid materials. The process consists of projecting abrasive particles on the surface that needs to be cleaned or restored, thus eliminating residues and impurities in a quick and efficient manner.

When it comes to restoring wood buildings, the process of cleaning them by means of blasting is superior to any other exfoliating method. This is both a reliable and an economic and very quick solution, providing a very good effect in preparing wood surfaces for being restored by the newest standards. The results obtained are very good even when the wood surface was unprotected for long periods of time – thus being deteriorated and contaminated. In such cases, the restoration works cannot be done without a careful cleaning of the surface layer, which can be done perfectly through abrasive blasting grit.

If the fence or the wall of your property became a “victim” of urban artists, you can solve this problem by blasting. Abrasive blasting grit can efficiently clean unwanted traces of paint from wood, brick, stone or metallic surfaces.

Don’t waste time and energy trying to remove the old layers of paint off wooden surfaces. Choose to execute these works by means of blasting. All traces of paint as well as any other impurities will be quickly eliminated. Has the look of your wood, rock, concrete or brick fence deteriorated over time, losing its old grandiose aspect? This is a normal process caused by air impurities and weather factors. Also, your fence can show stains caused by other substances or traces of old paint that you want to remove. All these problems can be solved through blasting. You can use abrasive blasting grit to bring your fence back to life and back to its initial look.

Your safety matters to us! That’s why, the grit distributed by GritSablare is made of harmless materials both to your health and to the environment. The angular blasting grit is free of any heavy metals or other substances that have harmful effects on your health. This safety warranty is provided by the product’s ecological certifications issued by the LGA QualiTest GmbH Company, in Germany.

The process of blasting using abrasive grit provides more advantages compared to sand blasting. Due to the irregular shape of its particles, the grit has better abrasive properties thus making the blasting process quicker and more efficient. Besides, the roughness of the surface obtained may be controlled by choosing the optimal granulations for each particular work.

Are you thinking of cleaning a surface by using chemical procedures? You better resort to abrasive blasting grit, the most efficient blasting material for open space blasting. This procedure guarantees that no unwanted chemical substances are left behind on the cleaned surface - that might affect later treatments such as polishing, pulverising, varnishing etc. On the same time, blasting will increase the surfaces’ adherence, thus facilitating the application of paint or varnish.
May 17, 2018