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15 June 2021
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Pre Fab Timber Wooden Houses and Cabins
Id: 234
Pre fab timber wooden houses and cabins

We are an Australian company located in Semarang Indonesia producing modular timber pre fab kit homes from single room to multi stories.

Not only homes but also Gazebos, Garden Sheds, Sun Rooms, Pool Houses, Bar Rooms, Boat Sheds, Holiday Homes, Caravan railer park cabins, HuntingFishing Cabins, Mess Halls, Barracks, Retirement Units, Ski Lodge and Resorts, Amenity Buildings and many other custom made structures
All our models are engineered to Australian building standards for cyclonic areas and come with a certification certificate.

We are located in Indonesia because of the vast amount of timber resources and extremely competitive pricing to you. The main timbers we use are Bankerai and Merbau (Kwila). We can also supply SFC certified LVL (Laminated Veneered Lumber).
Pre Fab Timber Wooden Houses and Cabins Pre Fab Timber Wooden Houses and Cabins