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03 August 2021
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Prefabricated Houses
Id: 4028
Prefabricated houses

SC Effektiv House SRL, main activity is construction of wooden frame houses, permanent housing, low energy houses, ecological, bio-climate passive. Our company has production hall, office area of ​​approximately 4000sqm and experience required to produce wooden structure houses both domestic and foreign market, being able to guarantee the quality of our products. Licensed to manufacture and work according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (standard wood construction) We are focused on the future, open to new ideas and solutions. From the beginning the team "Effekt House" 100% focused on customer needs with a commitment to improving services and quality of our products. All raw material (OSB, mineral wool "Rockwool" plaster "Knauf" film condensation) used in the construction of houses is purchased from Austria, Germany, including timber (KVH) CE marked, with all the features required by the European Community .
Prefabricated Houses Prefabricated Houses