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29 July 2021
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Pine Oak Furniture
Id: 428
Pine oak furniture

Dear Sir / Madam Our company was 5.000 m² production surface. The destination of our products is the European market. We have business relations in France, Netherlands, U.K., Germany, Poland, Benelux States and we are ready to open for other markets inside and outside the EU. The biggest part of our production is represented by pine furniture (50%), oak furniture (30%), PAL and MDF furniture(20%). We produce furniture for: dining room, bedroom, etc.Beside mass production we produce customized furniture, based on the model and dimensions given by the customer. We make the furniture that you dreamed of! A diverse pallet of colors can be used; 95% of them are soluble in water. You can see our products visiting our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question! In hope that you will contact us shortly, Sincerely Manager Csaba
Pine Oak Furniture Pine Oak Furniture