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08 May 2021
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Spruce pine plank flooring
Id: 4589
Spruce pine plank flooring

Flooring - profile piece of wood for flooring Is a milled board made ​​of solid wood (unlike the floorboard, glued several layers) so that is able to withstand a greater number tsiklevok . For fixing each other has a groove on one edge and groove on the other . On the inner side of the groove is solid wood ( or a series of seizures ), which allows the wood to relieve tension and prevent warping from temperature and humidity fluctuations .   As the material of the floorboard may be used various types of wood Enough for hardwood (pine , alder, aspen , etc.) need special abrasion-resistant protective paint spraying , periodically updated . Characterized by high durability and reliability retains heat Made of natural materials Antistatic and anti-allergic properties ( when coating varnish loses this advantage ) Made from renewable resources ( environmentally friendly )
Spruce pine plank flooring Spruce pine plank flooring