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16 June 2021
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wood pellets from  producer  in Ukraine
Id: 5077
Wood pellets from producer in ukraine

we produce wood pellets - very good and stable quality - Class A2 (ash contect max 1,2%) - Class B (ash content max 2%). Also, We are able to produce class A1 quality without bark (as per order) - 200 t per month. Plant ‘s address: Beregovo (Ukraine) Transcarpathian region 90202, 22 Verhovinskaya Str. (Factory locates 5 km from Hungarian boarder). All priced will be preseneted as per request. We are able to provide FCA, DAP, CFR deliveries. Let us know what you prefer. Contact for negotiation: OLGA Yegorova. Telefon : +38 095 897 54 25 email:
wood pellets from  producer  in Ukraine wood pellets from  producer  in Ukraine