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19 April 2021
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Shield Beech and oak and solid or FJ
Id: 5111
Shield beech and oak and solid or fj

Furniture panel (panel) is a woody material made by gluing wooden fragments (lamellae). The surface of the board is required to grind, resulting in a smooth, steady state. Glued furniture panels are durable, high reliability.   Solid furniture in quality can be divided into classes: Class "A" - the highest, not furniture schitdopuskaet defects wood (different types of knots, damage, chips); Class "B" allows for minor defects, although the tone should be smooth and texture - smooth; Class "C" does not provide for the selection of a drawing, it allows the presence of knots (up to 5 mm), the sapwood. Shield on both sides can be of different quality, ie, different varieties.       Given that the wood panels made of different thickness (from 20 mm to 60 mm), its application is very flexible. Applying the construction of his produce packaging for stairs: stage riser carrying string and stringers; made wooden windows and window sills. Furniture schitBlagodarya their ecological and aesthetic properties of this material is indispensable in the manufacture of furniture (kitchen furniture, bedrooms, hallways, and so on. D.) And in the manufacture of a variety of decorative elements of an interior.     We offer you high-quality furniture panels of varying thickness of the wood oak, beech.
Shield Beech and oak and solid or FJ Shield Beech and oak and solid or FJ