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07 March 2021
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Wooden windows and doors
Id: 516
Wooden windows and doors

Our company is engaged in production of wooden windows and doors.

The equipment that includes CNC machining centre for window frames, CNC working centre equipped with a 5 interpolating axes, painting plant with ventilated drying tunnel allows us to offer windows with a regularly maintained high quality characteristics still having very attractive price tag.

At the moment the windows and entrance doors are being produced using EURO IV68 profiles, but it is possible to rearrange the production with minor modifications so that it is possible to use other types. Depending on the design requirements (painting, arched, round elements, custom design) our current capacity is 2500-10000 pieces of finished products per year.

In order to secure optimal use of the machinery and other resources the production site has, we are looking for partners outside domestic market (wholesalers, retailers, construction companies, window, log and timber frame house manufacturers, etc.) that could be interested in establishing long term business relationships in this field.
Wooden windows and doors Wooden windows and doors