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16 June 2021
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Pine Spruce & Oak Quality Wood Pellets
Id: 5219
Pine spruce & oak quality wood pellets

high quality wood pellets for industrial power & home heating quality : Din+ EN+ quality materials :pure pine wood moisture : 8%max calorie :4200-4800 mj/kg ash :0.5% -0.6%max shape :stick color :Dark/Pale Brown diameter : 6mm-8mm length : 15mm-30mm inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min bulk density : 792kg/m3 min package :15kg plasctic bags or big bag. TECHNICAL DATA Hydrogen (dry basis) (% of weight): 6.12 Nitrogen (dry basis) (% of weight): 0.07 Oxygen (dry basis) (% of weight): 42.69 Carban (dry basis) (% of weight): 50.52 Sulphur (dry basis) (5 of weight): 0.01 Benefits of wood pellets -high heat -Convenient transportation -Save storage space -Do not cause air pollution, environmental Our pellets are available in sacks of 15 kg on pallets (66 sacks per pallet) or, optionally, in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC or big bags) of 1000 kg capacity
Pine Spruce & Oak Quality Wood Pellets Pine Spruce & Oak Quality Wood Pellets