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17 April 2021
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Paulownia Europa  High quality wood
Id: 5290
Paulownia europa high quality wood

Paulownia Europa mature forest. We cut and deliver for our clients. High quality wood Paulownia Europa-Logs and Timber Supplies ! We may have other sizes “TELL US WHAT YOU WANT AND WE WILL TRY TO HELP YOU These paulownia logs for sale have an average diameter of 30-40 cm and a minimum length of 2,5 meters. Paulownia logs suitable for making surfboards, furniture, veneer, plywood and a wide range of other products. Minimun order: 1 full truck (35m3) One week we can deliver. On order we can execute various sizes. It can honor any desired quantity. Featherweight (260-290 kg per cubM) Waterproof and bouyant Strong and stable Resistant to rot and termites Does not splinter Easily stained or painted Call us on the phone number: +40743019318 / +40741252222 email:
Paulownia Europa  High quality wood Paulownia Europa  High quality wood