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28 July 2021
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POLYMAC Akron 855 Edgebander w/Pre-Milling.
Id: 585
Polymac akron 855 edgebander w/pre-milling.

Wood Equipment. - 15 mm Cap. edgebanding thickness, auto. strip & coil feed magazine, 3 mm PVC guillotine. ~ Equipped with Pre-Milling Section. ~ Workstations: Front & rear end trims, duo-system Top & Bottom flush trims; AKRON 600 2-Motor corner rounding unit; Top & bottom scrapers; last station Top & bottom buffing. ~ Options Include: Kit to increase the thickness of applied edge banding to 22 mm (0.87 in.). ~ Complete with: PC Operator interface with flat screen, operating XP Professional interfaces, insulated sound enclosure over all trim stations , extendible side panel support rail, digital frequency inverter, and all manuals & parts lists. [Ref. EO-011431]. ~~ Optional 22 mm thickness cap.! - this machine is loaded with ALL the goodies; plus, take advantage of the exchange rate and buy Used in the USA! YMFG: 2007 - Excellent Condition
POLYMAC Akron 855 Edgebander w/Pre-Milling. POLYMAC Akron 855 Edgebander w/Pre-Milling.